How to sell on Kilanta Marketplace

How to sell on Kilanta Marketplace

Kilanta is an online marketplace that provides individuals, small to mid-sized businesses a free trading platform to sell, buy, exchange goods and services just like jiji and the likes, but with much more to offer and it’s 100% FREE to list your product on it

Apart from the fact that you can sell your goods and services on Kilanta for free and meet with the customer to complete the transaction in person, Kilanta also offers one more thing that other marketplace does not.

And that’s the most noticeable difference between Kilanta and other marketplace platforms out there is the “GPID – Get paid in dollar” feature that we’ve embedded on our marketplace.

So, if you prefer to sell your product directly on Kilanta and collect your money directly without having to meet with customers and better still, in dollars, you can use the Kilanta eCommerce/vendor feature, all within the seller’s account dashboard.

All you have to do is, click on “Request Vendor” from your profile page after registration and you will immediately have access to the Vendor feature.

You can then list your products, still 100% FREE, you can set your own preferred local and international shipping.

Once the customer received their order, Kilanta will release the fund to the account you submitted or send you your payout in cash.

N.B – You must have a domiciliary or Payoneer or dollar PayPal account to receive dollars in your account. If you prefer cash, you can also receive your dollars in cash at the nearest bank in Nigeria. [3% transaction fee apply on all transaction]

On Kilanta marketplace, you can sell almost anything sellable, excluding tobacco products and nude, lol. You can also render services back in Nigeria for Nigerians living in the diaspora and also get paid in dollars $$$.

Kilanta is also a marketplace where Nigerians buy their new and affordable tokunbo used items like cars, smartwatch, mobile phones, electronics, laptops and other tokunbo items directly from the U.S and Canada at a very very cheaper rate.

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